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International Recruitment

International Recruitment

The LGMA national office with the assistance of McArthur and Western Australian Local Government Association (WALGA) is putting together an international recruitment campaign, which will see an offer being put to UK local government employees to come and work in Australian local government, pursuant to various skilled migration programs.

The UK local government is experiencing difficult times with some 8% of staff layoffs expected due to central government expenditure cuts in a move to balance their budget. Predictions out of London are that 200,000 UK local government employees will lose their jobs as a direct result of expenditure cuts.

Whilst our UK colleagues are experiencing these finanical challenges, Australian local government is in desperate need of skilled talent.

Our UK affiliates, SOLACE and SOLACE Enterprises advised that there is a good opportunity to present Australian local government as an employment opportunity for the next three to four years for UK talent.

For a fee of not much more than the cost of a couple of display advertisements this campaign will provide you with qualified and experienced candidates, thoroughly interviewed, assessed and screened. for your vacancies. 

This campaign will be supported on the ground by SOLACE our UK sister organisation.

Register your interest
If your council is interested in participating in an international recruitment campaign, and to assist us in determining the level of demand from the Australian local government sector, register your interest here.

For more information contact the LGMA National office on (03) 9682 9222 or by email to