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International Leading Practices Symposium

International Leading Practices Symposium


The International Leading Practices Symposium is a collaboration between Local Government Manager’s Australia (LGMA), New Zealand Society of Local Government Managers (SOLGM) and the USA International City/County Management Association (ICMA).  For some local government professionals, it is a once-in-life-time opportunity to challenge the way we think and do business locally and across the world.


The objective of the International Leading Practices Symposium is to promote learning among local authority managers internationally by highlightly outstanding case studies of leading practice from different countries.


The first international leading practices symposium was held in Syndey (2002). Subsequent events were held in Melbourne (2004), Rotorua NZ (2006) and Surfer's Paradise (2008).  View a comprehensive review of the 2008 International Leading Practices Symposium, including a summary of presentations and detailed case studies.


2010 International Leading Practices Symposium
Rotorua, New Zealand
22-23 April 2010

Mark your calendars now! New Zealand/SOLGM will be hosting the International Leading Practices Symposium in Rotorua on 22 and 23 of April 2010.

The 2010 International Leading Practices Symposium will highlight cases of leading practice from local authorities in a variety of countries. The symposium format includes formal presentations of the selected cases and the opportunity for attendess to participate in small group workshops along with case presenters, where issues can be explored in detail.

The case studies are being selected around the theme that the big long term challenges of building sustainable communities are still there to be addressed despite the more difficult environment posed by the global recession.

What you get

  • Maximum exposure and in-depth analysis of leading practices from around the world.
  • Global solutions for local problems.
  • Comprehensive written material and support documentation which outlines implementation procedures and results.
  • Opportunity to network in an international peer-group environment.
  • Valuable professional and organisational development for existing and emerging managers and leaders.
  • An extraordinary and proven source of new ideas and fresh thinking.
  • Opportunity to mentor your emerging leaders in a unique environment and for them to learn directly from your experience.

Conference program

Keynote adress: Bob O'Neill | ICMA Executive Director
Fiscal aspects of the recession for local authorities in the United States...more information
Case Studies:  
Case study 1

Whistler 2020 | Sustainability plan for the the resort town of Whistler, British Columbia

The Resort Municipality of Whistler (British Columbia) will present the sustainability strategy that it has developed, with a specific focus on its tourism-based economy, and the particular challenges this poses...more information
Case study 2 City of Salisbury, South Australia | Brahma Green Affordable Housing Initiative

The City of Salisbury (South Australia) will showcase its innovative approach to affordable housing...more information
Case study 3 Waitakere City | Project Twin Streams

The New Zealand case will be by Waitakere City with its Twin Streams project combining the restoration of urban waterways with community development...more information
Case study 4 Hunter Councils Inc (New South Wales, Australia) | Local Authority Shared Services in the Hunter Region

Hunter Councils (NSW) has been one of the leaders in developing shared services among local authorities in Australia with a growing range of shared services being implemented since 1999...more information
Case study 5 Newcastle, New South Wales, Australia | ClimateCam

Newcastle City in New South Wales will present on its range of ClimateCam initiatives.  This will focus on the roll-out into the community and business of a range of emission reduction and energy efficiency initiatives...more information
Case study 6 Sarasota County, Florida, USA | Roadmap to Sustainability

Sarasota County (Florida) has been one of the leaders in the US in aspiring to sustainability.  They will talk about the role out of their “Roadmap to Sustainability” strategy in one of the states most affected by the current recession...more information

For more information including registration and accommodation, visit the conference website or visit

The International Leading Practices Symposium is a collaboration between: